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Target #2547 - West Melbourne, FL (Hammock Landing)

Target #T-2547
4305 Norfolk Parkway, West Melbourne, FL – Hammock Landing

     This Target store opened on July 22, 2009, and really hasn’t changed much since.

     We’ve hit the bullseye guys, it’s Target time once again on My Florida Retail! For this post, we’ll be taking a look at the newest of the 5 Target stores in Brevard County, the Target located in West Melbourne (right over the Palm Bay line). This Target opened as the largest of the anchor stores in the Hammock Landing shopping center, and as the center’s most prominent tenant. This Target is quite nice and always seems busy, although of all the Target stores in Brevard, I’m still partial to the old school 90’s built Target a few miles away from here on US 192 (although I also like going to the Viera Super Target for a change every once and a while).

     This Target was built using the company’s usual “airport terminal” style building (a term l_dawg2000 used to describe this style) that Target has used for the last 10-15 years. Even though this store is pushing 10 years in operation now, this place still looks and feels quite new (and some locals still call this place the “new Target” even to this day!).

     This photo is pulled back a bit further, showing more of the building itself. The photos in this Target tour are a mix of photos taken at two different times, in 2015 and 2018. There weren’t many significant changes in that time to be seen here, with the only major changes happening here being the conversion of this store’s pharmacy to CVS and some décor changes in the grocery department, but we’ll see all that in more detail later.

     Here we’re looking from this store’s front entrance toward the left side of the building. In the background you can see an Academy Sports store, a later addition to the Hammock Landing shopping center having opened in 2015.

     Here’s a close-up of the store’s main entrance, showcasing the usual late 2000’s, early 2010’s Target store design. As BatteryMill Retail commented, "This store is my favorite "default" Target store design. It definitely carries both a classic department store and modern feeling, and still holds up very well today!"

     Next, we’ll step inside and see what things look like in there...

     Entering the store, we find the Starbucks and Target Café immediately to my left, both of which are located in front of the store’s main registers. Behind me is the Guest Services counter, which is located immediately to the right upon entering the store.

     Leaving the front of the store behind us, we continue straight from the entrance into the Women’s clothing department. This store is right aligned, with the entrance and clothing departments located on the right side of the building (the opposite of the Target I’m most used to going to, of course, so it throws me off every time I come into this store!)

     This is a look down the main aisle that runs horizontally through the center of the store. We can see all the way across the store in this photo, with clothing and shoes in the foreground. This aisle later transitions into the main aisle that runs through the housewares departments, which is kind of visible in the background.

     Here we’re looking into this store’s back right corner, which is home to men’s clothing and the store’s fitting room. As you can see (and probably have seen already), this store has Target’s P09 décor, so there’s nothing really too special as far as the décor is concerned in this place. (And as far as special and/or outdated Target store décor packages are concerned, there aren’t any wavy neon P97 Target stores that I know of left in the Florida peninsula, and the only P01 stores I knew of just got remodeled or closed in the last few years).

     Moving away from the clothing departments, here’s a look down the store’s main back aisle as we near the baby, toy and electronics departments.

     Like most Target stores built since the P04 era, electronics is located in the back center portion of the store. This store has this rather sleek gray electronics counter, which certainly looks quite modern! I think this counter is original to this store’s opening in 2009, as I believe the more modern Target stores and stores with the recent Electronics reset have a smaller electronics counter than this.

     Moving away from the electronics counter, we move further down the store’s main back aisle to see more of the toy department to my left, and books to my right.

     Here’s a look across the far back wall of this store, looking from seasonal back toward electronics.

     Patio furniture and Easter supplies were the main focuses of the seasonal department when I visited this store in 2018. As you can clearly see here, this photo looks into the patio furniture portion of the seasonal department.

     Standing in the back left corner of the store, here I was standing in the aisle that separated the two portions of the seasonal department. The patio furniture and outdoor decorations were located to my left, while Easter candy and supplies were located to my right. Ahead of me is this store’s grocery department, which we’ll begin to look at closer later on in this post. First though, we’ll jump back to the center of the store for a closer look at the housewares departments.

     Here is a look down the center aisle that separates the hardline and softline sides of the store. In the distance we can see this store’s CVS Pharmacy counter, which is located next to the store’s café.

     Moving into the housewares department, here’s a looks down the main aisle that traverses this part of the store. This photo is one of my 2015 photos, which was taken early in the morning right after this store opened for the day. The early morning timing is why there are so many boxes can carts floating around here, as the store’s stock crew was still working to put out merchandise.

     Jumping ahead to 2018, here’s a much cleaner look through the housewares department, this photo looking back toward clothing. As YonWooRetail2 commented, "Targets are just so much cleaner and neater looking than even the newest Wamarts. And really the prices aren't much different." You may also notice that between 2015 and 2018, the aisle number placards in this store were switched from red and white circles to the more modern gray and white circles, which I believe is the color scheme of the P17 aisle signs.

     Here’s a random look down one of the housewares aisles that branch off from the main one. I thought it was a neat effect how those lamps towered over this particular aisle.

     Here’s a view down the back aisle in the housewares department, this part of the department being home to the bed linens. Now, we’ll move away from housewares and begin to look around the grocery department…

     Near the edge of the housewares departments, here’s a quick peek into the grocery aisles.

     Here’s a look down the main aisle that passes by this store’s grocery department, looking toward the back of the store and seasonal.

     The back left corner of this store was home to more seasonal merchandise, specifically Easter merchandise when I took this picture in early 2018.

     Here’s a look down the store’s left side wall, which contains beverages before transitioning into freezers. Plenty of P09 neon to be seen here too!

     Some of the freezers can be seen in this photo, peeking out from the end of one of the grocery aisles.

     Here’s another look at the main aisle that traverses the front of the grocery department. This store has the expanded grocery/P-Fresh offerings, which we’ll take a closer look at in just a moment.

     In addition to the freezers on the side wall, this store has one or two additional aisles of frozen foods mixed in with the main grocery aisles. Pictured here is one of those additional frozen foods aisles.

     Here’s a close-up photo of one of the picture collages in the grocery department, showcasing some fruits and vegetables.

     Here’s another side wall photo, looking into the store’s front left corner. The fresh foods are located in that large aisle just a few steps in front of me, so let’s go check that out…

     It’s nothing fancy, but I like the concept of P-Fresh and how a non-super store can still offer a small selection of fresh produce, meat, baked goods, etc. You could still get much of your grocery shopping done here if you really wanted to. The “fresh grocery” décor and giant round sign hanging from the ceiling are pretty cool too! However, I’m just warning you though, don’t get too used to how this part of the store looks just yet…

     ...because at some point between 2015 and 2018, Target updated the signage in the P-Fresh section of this store. Out went the neat hanging sign and the old pictures, and in came some new pictures and a blank ceiling. I don’t go to this particular Target all that often, so it threw me off when I saw the big sign over this area had disappeared on this trip! As YonWooRetail2 commented, "Looking at this photo, you may think you're in one of the new "red red" Winn- Dixie's. Only there's not a painted sign "Dairy" in white letters."

     Here’s a close-up of the P-Fresh area with its current look, this particular photo focusing on some of the displays of produce.

     Behind the produce display was a small selection of baked goods, mostly prepackaged breads and pastries. The coffin cooler you see to my right contained prepackaged meats if I remember correctly.

     For some reason, I felt like taking a close-up photo of one of the strips of neon in this place. I never realized this until just recently, but there is a slight difference between the P04 and P09 neon. In the P09 package, there are only these single neon strips on the walls. In the P04 package, there are these same neon strips, as well as some double neon strips mixed in that resemble half of a bullseye.

     I took this photo from the store’s front left corner, this view looking all the way down the front wall toward guest services.

     Leaving the grocery department behind us, here’s a look down the store’s main front aisle. Small appliances and office supplies are to my left, while cleaning products and pet supplies are located to my right.

     Peeking out from behind one of those oversized Target baskets, here’s a look down the main front aisle as we near the front end. To my left is girl’s clothing, and to the right is health and beauty. Speaking of health and beauty, let’s pop down there for a quick look at the pharmacy counter…

     Turning the clock back to 2015, here’s a look at what this store’s pharmacy counter looked like prior to CVS purchasing all of Target’s pharmacies. As BatteryMill Retail commented about the Target Pharmacy sale to CVS, "Honestly I’m not sure the CVS Pharmacy deal was the best one. Prior to their acquisition Target had a “ClearRX” bottle system that was handy in telling apart prescriptions- and that left with their deal. Additionally pharmacies had shorter hours and from other things I heard CVS’ policies were just a downgrade from Target’s pharmacy. Additionally their paint-out and signage sticks out like a sore thumb, they could have easily just added a little subtitle or whatnot." This isn’t the greatest photo in the world considering the shelving is blocking much of our view of the counter, but I’ve gotten much better at getting photos in the 3 years since this one was taken!

     Jumping back to 2018, here’s what this store’s pharmacy counter looks like now as a CVS. Some new signage and paint was installed, but otherwise it’s the same counter we saw in the 2015 image. Even though there were some articles published around the time Target sold their pharmacies to CVS about how people were unhappy about the sale, it seems like their pharmacy counters are still very busy. The Target I go to most often always has people waiting at the counter, and I see lots of people walking around the store with prescription bags.

     Here is a look at this store’s front registers. This store has a total of 13 registers – three (rarely used) express lanes and ten regular lanes. This store does not have self-checkouts, and neither does the other Target a few miles away from here on Route 192.

     In addition to the Starbucks tucked just inside this store’s entryway, this store also has a traditional Target Café featuring Pizza Hut Express. The café is located immediately next to the Starbucks, with which it shares a seating area. In this photo we can see the café in a bit more detail.

     Stepping outside, I will conclude our tour of the Hammock Landing Target with this final photo of the exterior. Even though this store is pushing 10 years old, I still think it’s a pretty modern looking place, both inside and out. As of now, none of the Target stores on the Space Coast or Treasure Coast have been put on the remodel list to the current gray look, although I’m sure they day will come eventually. While the gray look is beginning to grow on me (especially in the Super Target remodels, where the new P17 decor is exceptionally nice), I still like these old school P04/P09 stores in all of their red and neon glory.

So that's all I have for now. Until the next post,


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