Thursday, December 27, 2018

Super Target #1934 - Viera, FL

Super Target #T-1934
8455 N. Wickham Road, Melbourne (Viera), FL

     This Super Target opened in 2004. This is the only Super Target on Florida's East Coast between Daytona Beach and the Palm Beaches.

     Welcome everyone to the Viera Super Target, where we're going to take a supersized look at this supersized Target. Personally, I feel this is the nicest of all the Target stores in Brevard County, as I quite like the full sized grocery selection here. I find this store to be a nice alternative to shop at when I feel like making the drive up to Viera (and it's certainly not as insane as our local Walmart Supercenters are - all of which I tend to avoid as much as possible). Since this is quite the large store, there's quite a bit to cover in this place, so let's get into the photos:

     This Super Target was built with a tower style exterior. As I go through the exterior photos, you'll see that next to each entrance is a decorative tower (hence the name). This store has a clone in Royal Palm Beach, which is identical in every way to this Super Target (and also happens to be store #1935, so they were built and designed around the same time). andsome96 (who happens to live near that Royal  Palm Beach Super Target, had this reaction when he first saw these photos: "For a second, I thought this was the Royal Palm Beach SuperTarget! The exterior here is very similar. Looking forward to the pics!" Other than that store in Royal Palm Beach, I can't think of any other Super Targets that look like this one.

     Anyway, in this photo you can see the center portion of the building, home to the Super Target sign.

     The general merchandise entrance is located on the right side of the building, part of which can be seen in this photo.

     On the opposite side of the building is the grocery entrance. Here you can see the older style Super Target "Grocery" sign, and the sign for the pharmacy.

     A closeup of the grocery entrance.

     Over on the far right side of the building is the former Target Garden Center. Target closed all of their remaining Garden Centers in 2010, saying they weren't profitable. For the most part, the former garden centers just sit empty like this off to the side of the building.

     A closeup of the old garden center. Unlike most other chains which put garden centers in just about all of their stores across the country, Target opted to only attach garden centers to their stores located in Florida and the Southwestern US (Southern California, Nevada, and Arizona mainly), the only parts of the country where these could be open year-round.

     Next to the General Merchandise entrance is this "Expect More. Pay Less." sign. In this photo is also a closeup of one of the distinctive towers that gives this store's exterior its distinctive look.

     A closeup of the general merchandise entrance. This is where we will head inside to begin our look at the interior...

     Inside the General Merchandise entryway was this sign advertising the recent opening of the in-store CVS Pharmacy. I know this is stale news now, but I took this photo back when all of the pharmacy conversions were still happening.

    Hopefully this isn't too grainy if you try to zoom in on it, but this is a map of the store's layout that was attached to a price scanner pole (which I guess are technically called "assistance centers") somewhere in the store. This is to give everyone an idea of the locations of the departments in here. If the above photo is too grainy, here's a link to a much clearer map of this store.

     This was taken just inside the general merchandise entrance, looking back toward the door. Off to the left you can see a part of the electronics department, which we will look at much closer momentarily.

     Looking toward the customer service counter and the registers. In the foreground is Bullseye's Playground (formerly The Dollar Spot). Also, look how dirty the ceiling tiles are around the row of air diffusers that run above the checkouts. This is the only Target I've been to personally where I've seen stained ceiling tiles that looked this bad. Usually Target is pretty good about addressing issues like this, but overall that was the store's only flaw. 

     Situated at the edge of the clothing department near the general merchandise entrance is the #targetdog bench, where you can sit to take a selfie with Bullseye.

     Looking toward toys and Girl's clothing, two of the three departments you first see when entering through the general merchandise entrance (with the third being electronics, which you can't see in this picture). As you've probably seen by now, this store has Target's P04 decor. That's the decor this store was originally built with. This store still has the original lighting too, unlike its clone in Royal Palm Beach. andsome96 informed us of the lighting changes at the Royal Palm store: "Glad to see this store still has the original lighting. They replaced the lights at the Royal Palm store with the energy efficient ones around mid-2011 and the place is almost feels a little too bright."

     Located in the front right corner of the building are the music/movies and electronics departments. This setup reminds me of some of Target's early 90's stores, as this is where electronics originally was in those stores until many of them remodeled, pushing electronics to the back of the store. Also, this photo has our first glimpse of the P04 neon accents on the walls.

     Another look at the music/movies department. In the time since these photos were taken, some of these aisles of CDs and DVDs have been removed in favor of a small section of college and local sports apparel and pop culture merchandise.

     The back aisle in the music/movies department is seen here, looking into the front right corner.

    A look at the electronics counter, which is situated along the right side wall of the building.

     I took this photo to get a closeup of one of the P09/P13 style aisle numbers that were added as a part of a recent update to the electronics department. I like how this photo turned out for some reason. It's one of my favorites from this entire set.

     This large display of TVs towers over this portion of the electronics department.

     One of the two main aisles that runs from front to back over on the right side of the store. This aisle passes by electronics, sporting goods, toys, hardware, and automotive.

     Moving further toward the back of the store, we see the automotive and hardware departments.

     This is where the former interior entrance into the garden center was located. Originally, there was a much more inviting looking sliding door where those double doors are now. When Target shut down all of their garden centers in 2010, they closed up the interior entrances like this. Also, if you look closely at the wall above the door, you can see the faint rectangular labelscar from where the "Garden Center" sign was hung.

     A view from the sporting goods department. The bicycle racks are located against the right side wall. The seasonal department is off in the distance.

     This is the second main aisle on the far right side of the store. This aisle goes past the toy, hardware, and automotive departments, as well as the edge of the clothing department.

     Another look down this main aisle, with this photo taken from a bit further down.

     A close-up shot of one of the P04 style aisle signs, used throughout the remainder of the store. Coincidentally, (and I didn't even realize this until I was putting this post together) C9 is also the name of Target's exclusive line of sportswear.

     A look back toward the front of the store from the hardware department.

     This is the main back aisle of the store, as seen from the back right corner. Yes, this place is quite large, with the left side wall way out there in the distance!

     A look down the back wall of the store, as seen from the seasonal department. Summer goods and patio furniture were out when I took these photos.

     Another look down the main back aisle, taken just the tiniest bit closer to the grocery department (still way off in the distance though!).

     One of the aisles that cuts between the clothing departments. In the distance is the CVS/ex-Target Pharmacy box, which I have some more photos of later in this post.

     Another main aisle in the clothing departments.

     A small fleet of Target employee carts were lined up in the menswear department. I was here fairly early in the day when I took most of these pictures, so there were a large number of employees on the floor stocking during this time.

     One of the center aisles that runs parallel to the front of the store, looking from housewares back toward clothing.

     An aisle in the housewares department.

     Another housewares aisle, this time looking toward the grocery section.

     This aisle separates clothing from housewares, office supplies, and cards and party.

     The same aisle, this time from further down, closer to the front end.

     From the office supplies aisle, you can see the back of the pharmacy island. The front of the pharmacy faces health & beauty and the grocery aisles, although a pharmacy sign was also installed on the back side of the island. This photo was taken before the CVS conversion occurred.

     And jumping ahead a few months we have this nearly identical viewpoint of the back wall of the pharmacy, now with the CVS Pharmacy signage. It looks like that little bit of neon was removed when this sign was installed too.

     Looking toward the back of the store again. Housewares are to the left, and clothing is to my right.

     A look toward the health and beauty department, as seen from housewares.

     Jumping to the back wall of the store again, this time from the furniture and vacuum departments.

     Turning around from the previous photo, we see the remainder of this store's back wall as seen from the vacuums. What you see here is about three quarters of the width of the store.

     Stuffed in the vacuum corner was this interesting find - the number from a P97 era aisle sign! I've seen some of these numbers survive in older Target stores to designate cut-throughs or main aisles, but here this sign is older than the store itself.

     The main back aisle, looking toward into the general merchandise section of the store.

     Yet another photo of the main back aisle. This time, this photo was taken from the very edge of the grocery section.

     The pharmacy island, post-CVS takeover. I have a not so great view of the pharmacy from before the CVS takeover coming up later in this post. In the background you can see the grocery side entrance. From here on in this post, we'll begin to take a look at what makes this Super Target, well, super as we move into the grocery section of the store...

     For the most part, the remainder of our tour of the Viera Super Target will focus on the grocery side of the store. Here we begin with an overview of the front left corner of the store, home to produce, the deli, and the bakery.

     Here we are standing in the produce department, looking across the front of the store and the front end.

     Produce coolers are on the right, with the bakery in the background.

     This store's Starbucks, which is tucked into the corner between the grocery entrance and the deli. This store also has a regular Target Cafe, which is located on the opposite side of the grocery entrance from the Starbucks (photos of that coming up later).

     The deli counter, as well as a closeup of the deli signage and accompanying photographs. The deli and bakery signage for the P04 interior certainly isn't as fun and quirky as it was in its predecessor P01!

     A look across the front of the deli, with the Target Cafe in the background.

     And here we enter the bakery, which is located along the left side wall.

     Here's a better photo of the bakery and its P04 bakery signage. Still no comparison to P01 though!

     Moving away from the bakery, where we begin see some cases for the meat department.

     The left side wall. Along the wall are cases for meat, which turn into frozen food cases further down. The grocery aisles and their disproportionally large aisle signs are to the right.

     The main aisle that separates grocery from health and beauty and the other general merchandise departments. This picture does a better job at showing how disproportionally large the grocery aisles signs are (or as styertowne put it, "HELLO SIGNAGE! Wow!")

     The first grocery aisle (W1/W2) is home to canned foods.

     A quick photo showing some of the new Market Pantry packaging next to the older style packaging. I took this photo back when this change was a little more recent, as now the packaging on the right has made its full debut.

     Turning around in the opposite direction in aisle W1/W2, back toward the meat cases.

     Aisle W3/W4, looking back toward the meat coolers.

     More from the left side wall. This photo was taken further toward the back of the store, closer to the dairy coolers.

     This was the best photo I managed to capture of this store's pharmacy before it converted to a CVS. It's not the greatest photo, but I figured I'd include it to show what the pharmacy looked like before the change.

     Now from a slightly different angle, here's a look at the pharmacy island after the CVS conversion happened.

     The lunch meat coolers, along with its accompanying pictorial signage.

     Moving even further into the back left corner of the store, we near the frozen foods departments. The signs for the last few aisles also include a picture on the sign showing what products are in that aisle. This is something the other aisles closer to the front lack.

     Soda and floor care take up aisles W17 and W18, respectively. Yeah, it's a bit of a strange combination of products in this aisle. As l_dawg2000 commented, "Yuck at those products on the same aisle! But that's not as bad as pesticides right next to charcoal, like I once saw at the Corinth Kmart..."

     A closeup of the aisle W21/W22 sign, one of the ones with the product picture on it.

     The beer and wine aisle.

     Here we now find ourselves in one of the frozen foods aisles.

     Some of the Frozen Foods wall signage can be seen here.

     Another photo from the frozen foods aisles.

     Bullseye and his cow friend in this fancy 3D ad for Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, located above one of the freezers.

     This is the last grocery aisle, Aisle W29/W30. In this aisle is dairy, as well as the chilled juices. From this aisle you can see across the width of the store.

    From the back left corner, here's a view looking back toward the deli and bakery along the left side wall.

     A look down the dividing aisle between grocery and general merchandise once again, the grocery entrance visible in the distance.

     Now that we've seen the grocery section, we return to the front end for this view looking from general merchandise back toward grocery.

     The Target Portrait Studio, which had yet to open for the day yet when I was here. Since these photos were taken, the portrait studio has closed permanently.

     Another look across the front end, this time from the grocery side of the store toward general merchandise. Since the time this photo was taken, the four express registers on each end of the main registers have been removed and replaced with self-checkouts. This is the first Target in the area to have gotten self-checkouts.

     A closeup of the Target Cafe, which is located next to the grocery entrance of the store.

     Looking back across the front end one last time, with the Target Cafe also in view here.

     Returning to the grocery entrance, it's time to head back outside... back outside we go for another look at the grocery side entrance.

     And there you have it - the Viera Super Target! Finally after all of these photos we complete our look at this store, but there's plenty more to come your way soon!

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  1. Thanks for the links! I agree about the P01 grocery décor, but it's nice to see P04 as well. I particularly like how it provides a nice uninterrupted stretch of all that half-bullseye neon. And yes, those aisle signs are absolutely disproportionate, indeed!

    1. You're welcome! I like P04 myself, but it's certainly a huge change from the decor package it replaced!