Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Walmart Neighborhood Market #5625 - St. Cloud, FL

Walmart Neighborhood Market #5265
2125 Nolte Road, St. Cloud, FL

     This Walmart Neighborhood Market opened on April 13, 2016 as a new, ground up built Neighborhood Market location.

     Back in 2016, l_dawg2000 uploaded some photos of a newly built Walmart Supercenter in Memphis, TN, which you can see a photo of here. The same day l_dawg posted that photo, I happened to drive by this new Walmart Neighborhood Market in St. Cloud. The new Neighborhood Market stores use essentially the same design at the new Supercenter stores, just shrunken down (unlike in the past, where Walmart's Neighborhood Markets tended to use a separate building style from the supercenters). Also, the bright blue accents on the Supercenter are lime green here to better match the Neighborhood Market's color scheme. For some reason, the Neighborhood Market variation of this building just looks really bland to me. At least the new Supercenter design seems somewhat more interesting compared to this.

     The right side of the Neighborhood Market building can be seen here. The rightmost portion of the building was painted Pickup counter orange, even though that space is supposed to advertise the Pharmacy drive thru. While I didn't have the time to go inside, a quick peek through the front door showed the interior is essentially an exact copy of what you can see here, featuring the Neighborhood Market variant of the new Black 2.0 interior and the new layout (and not the more fun variant of that decor either, which would eventually replace the decor seen at that link).

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