Thursday, January 24, 2019

Eckerd #3920 - Minton & Emerson - Palm Bay, FL

Eckerd #3920 / CVS #5230
399 Emerson Dr NW, Palm Bay, FL

     This store opened as Eckerd in September 2002. A fairly short lived store for Eckerd, this location was converted to a CVS when they bought out Eckerd's Florida stores in 2004.

     Here we can see the front of this former Eckerd building. This store was built with a unique exterior look that appears more "old Florida style" to me, so it's quite different from the typical freestanding Eckerd stores of the time (which looked more like this).

     Here is the right side of the store, which faces Minton Road.

     Another view of the front of the store.

     Those "Welcome!" stickers on the door are a remnant from Eckerd. It's always nice to see CVS leave behind some traces of their predecessor!

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