Thursday, February 4, 2021

Introducing the MFR Info Database (and Other Updates)

     A quick note I'd like to share with everyone - the AFB Florida Retail Database is no more, as I've decided to merge the tables from that site into My Florida Retail as a new posting series. All of the tables on the old AFB Retail Database page have been imported to My Florida Retail (with the original comments), and are accessible from here. You can also access any tables posted to MFR from the new "Store Location Database" tab at the top of the blog, which will direct you to the same page I linked before. Considering how rarely I get around to posting new tables, I figured it was best to do away with the standalone site for tables and merge that feature into MFR.

     While I was transferring the tables over, I also decided to add a My Florida Retail special features directory (also accessible from the page links at the top of the blog), highlighting and explaining the different special posting series we have on the blog (in addition to the regular content). Those special features include Beyond My Florida Retail, Dining with AFB & Friends, The Lost Histories of Floridian Retail, and two new ones - The My Florida Retail Info Database and Along the Florida Road. Be sure to look over that page to see all the different features MFR has to offer!

I just wanted to take this moment to pass along these updates with everyone. More posts coming soon!


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