Friday, March 15, 2019

Kmart #7294 - Vero Beach, FL - Quick Update

Kmart #7294
1501 N. US 1, Vero Beach, FL - Indian River Plaza

     Opened in 1979, and received an expansion into the former auto center and a new Garden Center sometime in the early 90's. This store received a slight refresh in late 2017.

     Yesterday I decided to swing by my local-ish Kmart to see how it was doing. As one of only 11 Kmarts left in all of Florida, and only one of 210-ish Kmart stores left in the entire country, this store is pretty lucky to still be around today! Nothing major to report back from this store. Not a whole lot has changed since my last visit in January, although you can tell from walking through the store that inventory has been effected by the bankruptcy. Some areas of the store (especially food) had lots of items thinly stocked, with product stocked one item deep and stretched out to make the shelves look more full than they really are. This store's outdoor garden center has also been closed off, with the few plants this store now carries on a small rack near the front door. The interior portion of the garden center was still open, and stocked with gardening supplies.

     So that's really all I have to report back about the Vero Beach Kmart today. As sad as this store appears, the employees here still seem to care about this place, and have been trying as much as possible to keep the store looking presentable. Hopefully this store will stick around a while longer, as my next closest Kmart will be approximately two and a half hours away should anything happen to this store in Vero Beach. A few quick photos of this store can be seen below. I also had a short video clip to post, but Blogger was being picky about that, so I'll save the clip for another time. Anyway, to see my past coverage of this store, you can find more photos of the Vero Beach Kmart in this album on my flickr page.

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  1. Finally, I'm not the only one that realizes that most of food is out of stock. Most of grocery that is gone also includes Smart Sence.