Friday, November 16, 2018

Welcome to My Florida Retail!

A Publix in an old Albertsons building - that's just the beginning of what kind of interesting stores you'll find in Florida!
     If you're a follower of The Albertsons Florida Blog, you know the retail scene in Florida is rather weird. With a history of numerous chains that have failed to find their place in the Sunshine State, to longtime national and regional chains that are no more, there are plenty of interesting stores to be found throughout Florida in various states of reuse and occupancy. While The Albertsons Florida Blog focuses on documenting the former locations of the 150+ Albertsons Florida stores that occupied the state at one time, as well as some of the other supermarket oddities lurking around in the cities and swamps of the state I call home (like Pub Lions and Chinese-inspired Winn-Dixies), My Florida Retail is different. On this blog, we'll be taking a look at some of the other stores lurking around Florida. From the supermarket chains (Publix and Winn-Dixie) to the discounters (Walmart, Kmart, and Target, although especially the Kmarts), to the malls and department stores and even some restaurants, there will be a little bit of everything to be found here on My Florida Retail.

     The My Florida Retail Blog will serve as the replacement for the AFB on flickr page. Announced in early November 2018, flickr is ending the free 1TB of storage to non-paying members. As someone who wasn't too thrilled with this change, I had to find a new permanent home for my ever-growing stockpile of non-AFB related photos. Thus, My Florida Retail was born. While Blogger is certainly not the same experience as the flickr account was, I think I've come up with a format on here that will work as a nice substitute. Here's how My Florida Retail will work:
  • Unlike my flickr page (or even AFB), where posting (for the most part) follows a regular schedule, My Florida Retail will not follow a regular posting schedule (at least for now). I'm just going to post on here whenever time allows, so keep checking back regularly for new content! If you don't want to keep checking back regularly, you can also opt to get email updates on new posts by entering your email address into the box located on the sidebar of the blog.
  • As I transfer my pictures over, most of the content on here will just be copy and paste of my existing flickr photos and the descriptions that went with them (modified as needed to flow better in blog post format, if need be). That content will be the priority right now, so a lot of familiar places will be coming your way on the blog, New content will follow the transfer process, although I may throw in some new stuff in between to make things more interesting.
  • To simulate the Albums feature from flickr, My Florida Retail will include what I call the "Store Directory" page. The Store Directory is an organized list of store locations featured on the blog for easy searching and viewing. You can always visit the Store Directory by clicking the link at the top of the page.
  • I do live in East Central Florida, so much of the content on here will be concentrated in that particular area since it's the easiest for me to cover. However, I do like to branch out into other parts of Florida when I get a chance, so there will be things to see from other parts of the state as well. There's also a chance some photos from outside of Florida may pop up on here as well.
  • My old flickr account will stay in place (visible here), but with a reduced photo count to conform to the new limit on photos for flickr's free members. No major new content will be posted there, but feel free to look through the content I have left in place.
     Overall, that's what My Florida Retail will be all about. Stay tuned for more posts to come in the future, as we take a look at the variety of stores that make up the Florida Retail scene! Also be sure to check out the original Albertsons Florida Blog if you're new to the Florida retail blogosphere for more great content.

Hope to see you all back here soon!



  1. Have you ever done anything on Sweden House Smorgasbord restaurants. There were locations around Florida in the sixties, seventies, and eighties.

    1. I have not done anything on Sweden House Smorgasboard restaurants yet. I don't have any plans for profiling that chain in the near future, but who know where my travels might take me some day...