Sunday, April 26, 2020

Those marvelous newspaper archive photos of retail past

Since I don't want to fill up my flickr pages with all the interesting news clippings I've been able to dig up, why not share them here?

I will put a brief description of each photo underneath them:

 Albertsons #4340 - Port Richey, FL June 1980

 Albertsons #4350 - Montgomery, AL. right side shot, January 12, 1982

Albertsons #4353 - Longwood, FL. Photo of Albertsons' Fantastic Salad Bar which debuted in 1985

(Skaggs) Albertsons #4309. June 1976.
5055 N. 9th Ave. Pensacola, FL

Albertsons #4368 - Indian Harbor Beach, FL
June 30, 1998 

Former Albertsons #4331 - Melbourne, FL
1997, Florida Today. Before Kaiser Univ. bought property.

Bruno's was in Tallahassee? Well I guess that makes sense, since their Food World banner was in other Panhandle cities.

Albertsons #4350 - Montgomery, AL. Front side shot. January 13, 1982

Albertsons #4324 - Holiday, FL. August 16, 1978

Albertsons #4343 - Tallahassee, FL
2010 Appalachee Parkway by Governor's Square Mall. Grand Opening Ad.
January 21, 1981

Albertsons #4336 - Montgomery, AL's first store. Grand Opening Ad. 
February 26, 1980

Albertsons #4383 - Delray Beach, FL
Grand Opening day parking lot and store front. April 19, 1991. Crazy busy!

Albertsons #4323 Grand Opening Ad
2801 S. Orange Ave. Orlando, FL
March 29, 1978

Ah! What is this? A decor Albertsons apparently started using right after "70's Stripes" and before my dubbed "Colorful Transition Market" and then "Blue and Gray Market" appears to have been introduced around 1990/1991 rather than the 80's. Your thoughts? 
If I had to give a timeline for Albertsons decor packages based on what I've seen in news archive clips, I'd say "70's Stripes" was used from 1970-1980. 

The decor pictured in this above photo of this new California Albertsons in 1981, I'll call "Orange & Brown Slashes" must have been used from 1981-1986, "Colorful Transition Market" from 1987-1990, "Blue & Gray Market" 1991-early 1997, "Blue & Green Awnings" 1997- 2002. 
"Grocery Palace" overlapped with "Blue & Green Awnings" and was used from late 1998- 2002. 
"Industrial Circus" also overlapped with 2 previous decor packages mentioned. Industrial Circus decor was used between 2000 and 2002 I believe as a remodel package. 

Lastly, on stores build between 2003 and 2005 "Albertsons Marketplace" or "Santa Re Market" was used. 

Still, these observations of mine are probably not entirely accurate, but they seem close as to what I've noticed in old newspaper archives.

Hope you all enjoyed these! 
If there is anything you'd be interested in me researching for you, let me know


  1. I'm too cheap to get a subscription myself, but that site is a treasure trove of useful information and old photos for sure!

    1. Yeah, I was tempted again and got one for 6 months. I've been able to find some neat information too!